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Bulgarian Tour Operator with registration РК-01-7016

Who are we?
"Holiday Planet" Ltd owns this site. The company is a licensed Bulgarian tour operator and travel agent. Holiday Planet provides hotel accommodation as well as accommodation and other online travel services through our website. Our company cooperates with over 800 hotels in Bulgaria - sea, mountain and spa hotels, as well as with leading national companies for inbound and outbound tourism. Our work with hotels is based on pre-concluded cooperation agreements. By booking a hotel through Holiday Planet, you are guaranteed secure discounts as well:
* Discounts for Early Bookings - from 10 to 40%.
* Free nights- 7 = 5, 7 = 6, 8 = 7, etc.
* Reductions for long stays.
The main way of working with clients is based on an extremely simple system, namely: inquiry-response-booking. In most cases, with available vacancies, the client receives confirmation of their reservation the same day. The company's portfolio also includes services such as transfers, rental cars, cruises, excursions and holidays abroad.
Our goal is to provide fast and easy customer service, if possible at any time of the day.
How does the system work?
The main way to book through the site is:
Request-confirmation. You are sending us a request using the inquiry / booking form in the box below each hotel or contact form. You get a response within a few hours. If you then make a reservation, you will receive a confirmation with the reservation number and all the details of your reservation - hotel name, date of check-in and check-out, room type, meal type, full price, services included in the price and etc. This confirmation is official and fully guarantees your reservation. In this way your reservation is confirmed and registered in our system.
After payment of the full amount of the reservation, we send you a hotel voucher for accommodation. By booking confirmation, you will receive an interim and / or final payment period, depending on the hotel's payment policy. Please note that reservations confirmed but not paid in time are automatically canceled.
Please note that if you cancel your reservation in accordance with the cancellation policy of the hotel (which will be confirmed by the reservation, BEFORE PAYING ON THE RESERVATION /.) ALL RESERVATIONS are REFUNDABLE.
The amount to the client is final and no reservation fee is charged, and there are no other hidden fees.
Please note all your special requirements in the "Additional Requirements" field. Holiday Planet will do its best to satisfy them, although it can not guarantee their full performance.
Payment methods
The final step in the booking process is the choice of payment method. "Holiday Planet" offers you the following few ways:
By credit or debit card. Upon confirmation of the reservation, you can immediately pay with a bank card through the Certified Virtual POS terminal on our site (maintained by First Investment Bank). Your reservation is guaranteed, the amount paid will be refunded in the event of cancellation in accordance with the cancellation policy of the hotel / unchanged part of the booking confirmation BEFORE PAYMENT AND /. An additional fee for payment by credit or debit card is not charged.
IMPORTANT! when payment is made by bank card - refund of
the amount paid can only be made through a chargeback operation with the same card.
By bank transfer - you will find the details of our bank account of a pro forma invoice sent to you by email. Your reservation is guaranteed, the amount paid will be refunded in the event of cancellation in accordance with the cancellation policy of the hotel / unchanged part of the booking confirmation BEFORE PAYMENT AND /.
Note: There are offers / festive offers and discounted bookings for early bookings requiring prepayment of the full amount. Upon confirmation of the reservation, we will inform you further about the payment terms.
Confidentiality of personal data
To make a reservation, you need to fill in some personal details - name and address, phone number and email address. This information will only be used by Holiday Planet Ltd. in connection with your reservation and will not be provided to third parties.
How do you change or cancel your reservation?
Changes and cancellations of reservations made are accepted only in writing - by e-mail or fax.
If you wish to make any changes to your booking details once you have received a confirmation, we will do our best to help you, but we can not guarantee this. There may be changes in the total cost of your booking under the new conditions. If changes are made immediately prior to the date of accommodation / in case the cancellation period expires /, Holiday Planet EOOD reserves the right to charge penalties.
Cancellation times are listed in the Organized Travel Agreement and in the confirmation of your booking. If you observe these terms, there are no penalties for canceling the reservation. In case of cancellations outside the specified time limits or in case of no show at the hotel, a penalty is charged according to the respective practice of each hotel.
In extremely rare cases, "Holiday Planet" Ltd may have to make a change in your initial reservation for reasons beyond the agency's control. In such cases, you will be notified immediately and you will be offered alternative accommodation in a hotel of the same or higher category. In case you decide to cancel the reservation due to the changes made, the full amount of the paid amount will be refunded.
Customer Responsibility When a client makes a reservation through our website, he / she enters into a contractual relationship with Holiday Planet EOOD and accepts the conditions specified in the booking. Customers using the page services should be adults under Bulgarian law (at least 18 years old)
Also, the client assumes the responsibility to observe the generally accepted standards of good behavior during their stay at the hotel. All costs of property damage to the hotel are due to the client.
When a booking request is made, most hotels require more detailed information from their future guests, such as: the full name of the ID card / passport and the date of birth of the holder. In case there are children, most hotels also require their birth dates. This is done in order to avoid possible discrepancies and subsequent claims related to the originally requested data when booking a reservation and subsequent hotel accommodation. "Holiday Planet" Ltd. asks you to fill in correctly your / including children / data in order to avoid misunderstandings during the stay.
Responsibility of "Holiday Planet" Ltd.
The information on this page is provided by Holiday Planet EOOD and is updated continuously. It is based mostly on information received from the hotels presented on the page. The categorization of the hotels is their official categorization and the quality of the services should correspond to their category according to the established Bulgarian legislation. In the case of customer complaints, he should first contact a hotel representative.
If the proposed hotel decision does not satisfy the client, he should immediately notify Holiday Planet EOOD. In such cases it is necessary to draw up a protocol signed by the three countries - hotel, client, tour operator. The client has the right to make a written claim to Holiday Planet EOOD. All complaints are submitted in writing at least 14 days / two weeks after the date of departure. "Hollandia Planet" Ltd. is not responsible if the damages caused are the result of the action or inaction of other countries / state institutions and bodies / or in case of force majeure.
Holiday Planet Ltd. reserves the right to change the information on this page at any time. Although every effort is made to provide true and accurate information, this can not always be guaranteed!
"Holiday Planet" Ltd. is a Bulgarian tour operator and tourist agent under the Tourism Act - registration certificate РК-01-7016.
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